Documentation: Install


Welcome to Pagehop’s documentation! These few articles should guide you into using our app and how to extend it and craft your own Recipes and Tools. Wonder what these are? Well, dive right in to find out. If haven’t done that, already - here is how to install Pagehop.


You can download Pagehop’s latests bits from here. After the download has finished, start the installer and follow the instructions.

Admin Credentials
You need to enter the admin credentials in order to install successfully.


Pagehop officially requires OS X 10.10+.

For OS X 10.9 users
You probably will be able to use Pagehop without a problem, since we've built the binary targeting 10.9+, but we haven't tested it with OS X Mavericks.

Any 3rd party dependencies that Pagehop requires, come bundled-up with this installer (you don’t need to install anything other than Pagehop).

What gets installed where?

Pagehop requires NodeJS v0.10.28+ to be installed for your user. If you don’t have node installed, or your node installation is too old, the installer will automatically install (upgrade) it for you. It’s bundled-up with the package, so there is no additional download to be made.

There are 2 applications that get installed with Pagehop:

  1. Pagehop-service which goes in /Library/Application Support/Pagehop/;
  2. which goes in /Applications/.

What about Windows and Linux?

Pagehop starts on the Mac, but it’s designed to be easily ported on other OS’s. In fact, here at Universless, we hate the word ported. That’s why we made a promise to ourselves, that we will make Pagehop’s UI special for every platform, using the most native for the platform UI. If you guys like Pagehop and want to see it on other platforms, please tell us, so we can make the educated guess which platform should we conquer next. To be able to get Pagehop on other platforms sooner, we are hoping, that you will show us your appreciation through purchasing a license (currently unavailable :(). Thank you for your honesty!

What about mobile?

We are still in the lab, here. Desktop OS’s will probably take priority over mobile.