Documentation: 3rd party Recipes and Tools

Although, we like the initial set of recipes and tools, we believe the true value of Pagehop, is coming from the ability to use 3rd party Recipes and Tools. It’s pretty easy to develop some yourself - you only need to know JavaScript and the minimalistic API of Pagehop - check the Development section.


Using 3rd-party recipes and tools is as simple as placing a folder in a specific location on the disk.

Create dirs

To install a new recipe and/or tool, you need to ensure there is an appropriate dir structure expected by Pagehop.

In your user dir, there should be a dir named .pagehop with 2 subdirs, like this:


In other words, you need to create these 2 dirs:



The above paths are relative to your user directory. For example if your user is named “johndoe”, the absolute path to the 3rd party recipes would be:


Copy recipe/tool

The 2nd and final step is to copy the recipe/tool in the dir you just made sure exists (.../.pagehop/recipes/ or .../.pagehop/tools/).

It has to be in a directory - don’t copy just files there. For example if you want to install the new IMDB recipe, at the end, your recipe will be in the dir:


Newer versions override older ones

But only in the cache.

Pagehop compiles recipes and tools and caches them. It’s more like it combines them with dependencies, so recipes and tools become independent entities, which can be directly executed.

When you install a newer version of a recipe, which already is in the default set (comes with Pagehop’s installation), it gets overriden in the cache.

Revert to older version

To revert to an older version, you need to delete the new recipe/tool from ~/.pagehop/ and to delete Pagehop’s cache, located here:

~/Library/Application Support/Pagehop/cache/

Finally, log-off + log-in or restart your computer so the cache is redone.

The pagehop CLI tool will be helping with this

The process of installing a recipe or tool isn’t too hard, but still can be made a lot easier with a CLI tool, you can use in the Terminal.

Sometime during v1’s (Pagehop 1.x.x’s) lifecycle, we plan to release a new version of the pagehop CLI tool to help you install recipes and tools from the public repositories in Github.