Documentation: Development Overview


Before you start developing recipes and tools for Pagehop, you need to make a very short setup of your development environment.

Install PhantomJS

First you need to install PhantomJS v1.9.7. You can check their instructions here.

Don't use Homebrew for this
Homebrew appear to install a custom build, which currently we don't support. Copy the archive from phantomjs's website, unarchive and place the binary of phantomjs (bin/phantomjs) in the /usr/local/bin/ dir.

Install NodeJS

The version currently in use is 0.10.36.

NodeJS version
Pagehop might not work correctly with another version - we have done all of our testing on 0.10.36.

Download the installer from here and install manually.

Install Grunt

All Pagehop recipes and tools use Grunt for testing and linting.

Install grunt

$ npm install -g grunt-cli

Depending on your setup, you might need to run the previous with sudo.

Install pagehop CLI

We have made a small tool to help you scaffold & validate project structure of recipes and tools.

Install it like this:

$ npm install -g pagehop

Again, you might need to run this command with sudo. Usually, you’ll get an EACCESS error, if this is the case.

… and that’s it!

You’re now set to become a Pagehop developer. Check the next section to start developing your awesome recipes. Good luck!