Documentation: Docs Browsing

In this article we will show you what an awesome tool Pagehop is for reading and navigation to online documentation.

Using a recipe

Using the DocSearch recipe, you can find documentation for:

  • Apache 2 Directive
  • BrainFuck
  • Closure
  • Cobol
  • Emacs
  • Fossil SCM
  • FTP Code
  • GIT
  • GNU/Linux Command
  • Hello World
  • HResult
  • HTTP Code
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • JQuery
  • Linux Kernel Error
  • Mac iOS Reference
  • Mac OSX Reference
  • Mercurial
  • MySQL Error
  • MySQL Function
  • Nginx HttpCoreModule
  • NT Status
  • Perl 5
  • Perl 5 Variable
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Python Exception
  • Smarty
  • SQL Server 2008 Function
  • SQL Server Error
  • stuntSnippets
  • SVN
  • Underscore.js
  • Visual Basic 6
  • Win 32 Error
  • Windows Command

Pagehop also comes with a recipe for the Mozilla Developer Network, which will help you find a reference for:

  • every css property or selector;
  • every HTML element;
  • every default JavaScript object or function.
    Of course you can search for anything Mozilla - Firefox OS, Rust, etc.

The default bundle has also a recipe for the API of the very popular JavaScript library, jQuery.

And if you are a NodeJS developer, you are pretty well covered - Pagehop comes bundled-up with a recipe for searching the archive of npm (Node Package Manager) for packages.

The final addition to this subset of Pagehop’s pool of recipes, aiming at our more technical users, we have added a CodeSearch recipe, which allows you to find code samples from real-world code repositories (in Github, BitBucket, Google Code and others) of function calls, method calls, object instantiation and pretty much everything elso you wonder “How do others use it?”.

Lets see some examples.

Reading the doc for git rebase

Git has grown to be one of the most preferred and therefore popular version-control systems.

There are some nice UI’s for it out there, but you still need to do some things from the Terminal from time to time. But reading “MAN”-ual pages in the terminal isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Here is how you can get the web docs instead:

If you use another SCM/RCS/VCS, the chances are DocSearch might still hold the answer for you - you can find docs for Mercurial and SVN.

Documentation for the php explode

Getting a reference for the array.splice function in JavaScript

Whenever you want to check a reference for anything browser related, the Mozilla Developer Network’s website is a pretty good place to do it.

That’s why Pagehop has a recipe for searching it.

Here is how we can find a reference for the commonly used (and sometimes confusing) splice function of JavaScript Array.

Note: even just “m splice” would produce virtually the same results

Getting a reference for the border CSS property

Straight to the example:

Note: even just “m border” would produce virtually the same results

Getting a reference for the HTML element <div></div>

Search for code examples of the usage of fs.readFileSync() (NodeJS)

Although this is not a documentation search per se, we programmers have this saying “There is no documentation more up-to-date and accurate than code itself.”. You probably know it? Not? Anyways, here is how I would search for usages of the readFileSync function from the standard NodeJS package fs:

Getting a reference for the BaseTexture class in pixi.js

Starting from Pagehop 1.3, you can search (and browse) through the online docs of pixi.js.

Most often than not, online documentations are static websites, without too much content loading on demand.

Usually, they show close to no adds (and if there are some, they are in the form of images - banners).

Pagehop is the ideal tool for navigation through such sites.

If you have a hard time understanding how things work in the next examples and you haven’t read the Page-hopping section - go do that before you continue.

Writing this documentation we tried many documentation sites and results were even better than expected. There wasn’t a single site where Pagehop didn’t made it through. Even websites with urls that redirect - links tool knows how to follow redirects and allows up to 6 consecutive redirects.

Lets see some awesome examples!

Reference for Twitter Bootstrap component Navbar

Reference for the View class in Backbone

Reference for the clone method in UnderscoreJS

Reference for the clone method in Lo-Dash

Reference for the TLS module in NodeJS

Reference for Dynamic Models in the Hibernate framework

Reference for all exceptions in the java.lang namespace

Demo for Attribute Binding in KendoUI MVVM