Documentation: Frequently asked questions

I can’t register my license key…

Please, try following the instructions in this article.

Pagehop doesn’t open up anymore…

There are at least 2 possible causes:

Shortcut isn’t what you expect

Open the Pagehop Menu (from the MenuBar), and click Settings.

Is this the shortcut you expect?

Solution: Try resetting the shortcut.

It only shows the spinning loading indicator…

First, check if you have an internet connection (you can do this in many different ways - in the browser loading a page or executing ping on the terminal to check what % of the packages you sent get delivered to the other end - should be 100%).

If it’s a connectivity issue, you should still be able toexecute the system recipes AllRecipes and AllTools to show you, accordingly, all recipes and all tools available in Pagehop - try allr.

If this happens for more than 1 min without any other indication, please try restarting the app - Pagehop Menu -> Quit and then start it, again.

If nothing changes, try logging out.

WolframAlpha asks me to download an iPhone app?

Yeah. (:blushing:)
With WA recipe, we open up a page in the Pagehop result preview (right half of the screen) masking ourselves as a mobile browser. In fact we use an iPhone “user agent” to achieve this.

But no worries! All you need to do, is click on the link “continue…” at the bottom of the page and you probably will never see this message again. It’s cached as a cookie to the webview.

If you can’t find an answer to your problem in the docs…

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