Documentation: Quick Info

Sometimes you don’t need to make an extensive search and you just need a peek at a very specific piece of information. Pagehop is ideal for such scenarios.

Quick Info Recipes

Here is a list of some useful recipes that would qualify under this category.

Check of numerical data or other facts

WolframAlpha would fit best in this category.

Check the local time at a place

The Time recipe is invoked with a name of a place and returns the current local time for the place, as well as it’s disposition from UTC.

Check the weather conditions at a place

Weather will do just that, plus, it will give you a short prognosis for the next 3 days.

Get the dictionary definition(s) of a word

Since 1.0, Pagehop comes bundled up with the DefineWord recipe. It provides results from many dictionaries such as the The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia, WordNet and others.

Soon all Vertical Searches might get as easy

For example if you want to have a glance on the parameters list of a git command on the Terminal and you have learned exactly how to get there with a few key strokes, using the DocSearch recipe, it will be as easy as using any other Quick Info recipe.