Documentation: Register with License-key

Thanks for purchasing Pagehop and for being honest and fair. We will put the minerals to a good use.


Once we process your order, we will send you an e-mail containing your license key.

It should look something like this:

========== BEGIN LICENSE ==========
John Doe
Quantity: 1
appVersion: 1
MGUCMQDB /3youxvj MzEArEwZ /zXanrvX
AsROkoPN SaBWh4GV m0oLenkW aQfoR88M
0IatrHwC MD5yitEi DV2iYngD 4IxaIBiN
zU6P5ypi 0mFG0vb2 F5Ga1729 Wi8A71n1
+8FjesMK AS
=========== END LICENSE ===========

Register with key

You need to copy the full text of your license, including the == BEGIN LICENSE == and the == END LICENSE == lines.

Then open the Registration form (menuBarIcon)->Registration…:

If you haven’t registered your (or another) key, you should see this window:

And here you paste your code in the big text area:

After you press the Unlock button, if the key is accepted, you should get a screen like this:

Switch owner of a machine

If Pagehop is registered on the machine that you use, but it’s not your license, you can (permanently or just temporarily) deathorize the license-key and register with yours. This doesn’t void the previous license-key. In fact you can switch between these accounts indefinitely.

This operation makes sense mostly when the previous user will no longer use the machine and you become the permanent user of this machine.

When you give your machine to someone else (selling or lending for a longer period of time), please, deathorize your license-key from the copy of Pagehop (Deauthorize Account button in the Registration window).

You're not allowed to sell your License-key for Pagehop
Pagehop License-keys are sold only by Universless Ltd. Selling and reselling of any kind by any 3rd party is illegal.